Boy in Blue

Boy in BlueThis outfit is free and doesn’t require membership.


Mouth, Hair, & Pants – These items are from man waiting in line outside the Twin Palms Mall.

Shirt – The hoodie is on 2nd dummy from “In the Now”. It is on the second floor of the left side of the mall.


Robot Overlord

Robot OverlordThis outfit is free and doesn’t require membership.

Face – Friend UltimateDummyAccount. Go to his closet and get the metal robot face from the Binary Bard Costume.

Helmet – The helmet is from the 3rd person in line at the entrance of Poptropicon on episode 1 of Poptropicon Island.

Shoulder Armor & Pants – The shoulder armor and pants are on the knight in front of the Castle of Arturus on Astro-Knights Island

Shirt – The shirt is from the man on the Great Wall of China from 1593 AD on Time Tangled Island.

Mouth – Find any mean-looking frown around Poptropica.

Skin Color – Color your skin red or grey.

Genius Scientist

This outfit is free and doesn’t require membership.

Glasses & Hair – Customize the glasses on the girl in the tent outside the mall on Night Watch Island. The hair is from the man to her right.

Smile – The smile is from the man in dark blue outside the train on Mystery Train Island.

Shirt – The shirt is on the man outside of the apothecary’s shop on Monster Carnival Island.

Coat – The lab coat is from by the focus tester on Mocktropica Island.

Pants – Any neutral color, such as black, gray, tan, or navy blue will work for the pants. (I think black looks more professional.)

Skin & Hair Color – any natural color